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Welcome to QRH Polymers

Do you have plastic to be reprocessed? We will process it.

Do you have plastic waste you need hauled away? We will recycle it responsibly.


When you choose QRH as your vendor for processing you are choosing to purchase containment free material, which is guaranteed, and customer approved prior to processing.


Being in the industry for over 20 years with our customer’s being our priority says it all. In addition, your material is our top priority from the start of the process to the finish guaranteed.


We stand behind our material and are committed to our customers and suppliers.

About Us

About QRH Polymers

At QRH Polymers we are committed to the future growth of the plastics industry, our place in it, and our ability to work one on one with your company for all of your plastics’ needs.

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Our Services

Our Services

Toll Grinding, Warehousing, Sorting and Separating, Rail Access, In-House Trucking Firm

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